Ljubljana ECoC 1821

18. 2. 2020
MGML Arhiv MG 9352 Out

199 years ago, most residents of Ljubljana probably didn't even realize what had happened. After the Holy Alliance decided at its December 1820 congress in Opava to continue their work in Ljubljana, the city became the nerve centre of European high politics for four months early in the following year. Never before and never after has Ljubljana seen such a huge gathering of senior representatives of countries or their delegates.

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Ana about Prešeren

16. 2. 2020
preseren specimen 2 v2

France Prešeren gets on my nerves. I’ve felt this way about him ever since we’d dealt with the details of his life in high school. I previously hadn’t been particularly appreciative of his work anyway. Far be it from me to call it lousy; while I do find e.g. his Sonnets of Misfortune to be overwrought, I used to be like that as well. I could understand them. But the man himself – ugh. Or rather the myth woven by time and literary history around his life – ugh, ugh.

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Creative Ljubljana

13. 2. 2020
creative europe

Europe on the Doorstep: Until 2023, Cultural Organisations Will Be Implementing Their Programmes with the Support of Creative Europe

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