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ECOC 2025 involves not only the Department of Culture of the City of Ljubljana or public cultural institutions but sets new paradigms for all fields – from environmentalism to education, healthcare, mobility, sustainable development, vulnerable groups, youth issues, questioning the role of tourism, placing us at the centre of the international landscape, etc.

Dobro zame 1 DESKTOP
ECOC 2025 office on Stritarjeva ulica in Ljubljana. Photo: Nik Rovan
Dobro zame 1 DESKTOP
ECOC 2025 office on Stritarjeva ulica in Ljubljana. Photo: Nik Rovan
We see ECOC 2025 as a thread connecting all areas of operation in Ljubljana.

What would Ljubljana gain from the ECOC 2025 title?

  • Bigger selection of cultural products with new, innovative programmes and international events and exchanges.
  • New connections between culture, the environment, healthcare, welfare, sports and education.
  • Revitalization of existing cultural infrastructure and new cultural infrastructure projects.
  • Increased potential of the creative and artistic communities and subsequently improved economic prospects of the cultural and creative industries.
  • Creation of new jobs.
  • Improved accessibility of cultural goods for all inhabitants of Ljubljana and the region.
  • Improved conditions for international exchange and the network of residencies that allow the international community to work in Ljubljana and our own artists to work outside Slovenia.
  • In competing for the title, Ljubljana is not alone; the ECOC 2025 candidacy is about connecting cultural producers and developing new audiences through greater mobility of both artists and visitors and thus clearing a path towards a new regional cultural identity.
  • Further improvement of social cohesion and involvement of vulnerable groups through community projects.
  • Affirmation of the international image of Ljubljana as a city of free thought, creativity, arts and solidarity.