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We invite you to help create the ECOC 2025 programme. We’re sure you have great ideas!

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A good day for Ljubljana

28. 2. 2020
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Ljubljana Makes It to the European Capital of Culture 2025 Shortlist!

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Dialogue makes Culture

21. 2. 2020
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The candidature for the European Capital of Culture Ljubljana 2025 is based on dialogue, which was also confirmed by the public discussion held on February 20 at a renown venue in Ljubljana's Šiška district.

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Ljubljana ECoC 1821

18. 2. 2020
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199 years ago, most residents of Ljubljana probably didn't even realize what had happened. After the Holy Alliance decided at its December 1820 congress in Opava to continue their work in Ljubljana, the city became the nerve centre of European high politics for four months early in the following year. Never before and never after has Ljubljana seen such a huge gathering of senior representatives of countries or their delegates.

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